Although it may seem contradictory, spending money on specific beauty products can be a huge finance saver! How? Spending on certain necessities might mean you have to reduce your budget in other areas or better still, get one multi-purpose product which would eliminate loads of other stuff you regularly purchase.
So, what are the major beauty essentials you should purchase to keep on looking elegant and amazing, without breaking the bank?

1. Highlighter
A highlighter can be used on many body parts and for many reasons – a genuine all-rounder! Sweep on the apple of your cheek to define cheekbones, dot under your eyebrow arch to illuminate your brow bone, and sweep over decolletage for a sprinkling of sparkle and shine.
The highlighter comes in various forms too – cream, loose powder, and pressed powder – so choose the most convenient form (and size!) for your different day to day activities and you’re good to glow!

2. Dry shampoo
Dry shampooing is the way to go for those of us who can’t afford the hassles of shampooing, conditioning, drying, and styling every day. Just squirt enough amount into your hands, massage into your hair close to the scalp, and then brush through.
Baby powder is a simple alternative, but the smell might be a deterrent for some. With foam dry shampoo, you get the sweet scent of a fresh and clean mane, the volume power of a mousse, and the anti-grease properties of powder — all in seconds!

3. Coconut oil
A true superfood for you both inside and out! Coconut oil acts as a moisturizer for dry skin, a hair straightener, an excellent makeup remover that’s gentle on all skin types, and a makeup brush cleanser.
Mix a little coconut oil into your favorite powder or eyeshadow for a creamier effect: this will ensure that your makeup lasts longer. Ultimately, coconut oil works wonders as a lip balm and will leave your lips baby smooth and plump.

4. Perfume roller
These days, most major fragrance producers make mini versions of their scents. In addition to being conveniently purse-sized to fit any condition, rollers are excellent for a girl who loves to switch up her style often.
It’s the absolute best way to try a scent repeatedly before buying the larger (and no doubt more expensive) bottle, to ensure you love it enough to invest. For summer, try a freshly romantic scent with exotic undertones and for spring, a fruity & flowery fragrance should suffice.

5. Mascara
This one’s obvious – mascara will draw attention to your eyes and keep your lashes looking super fab. But don’t stop there! Mascara can be used as a brow tamer and filler – go light on the black mascara, please!
Also, don’t throw out old tubes and brushes. If you’ve ever had lash extensions done, you’ll know that you can’t use regular makeup in the following weeks. A clean mascara wand will do wonders to curl and separate your natural lashes without clumping or the somewhat trashy look of “heavy” makeup.

6. Vaseline
Keep a jar of this in your house at all times: this simple product serves dozens of different purposes and is dirt cheap, so there are no excuses not to own some. If you enjoy tinting your hair at home, you can apply Vaseline to your hairline and neck to minimize the skin-staining effects the dye may otherwise cause.
Dry knees and elbows? Massage a bit of petroleum jelly into them. Many women also insist that putting a bit of Vaseline on lashes each night makes them grow longer and thicker — a great alternative to costly lash-growing formulas. If you’re the experimental type about makeup, try mixing a small amount of jelly with loose powder shadow and applying it to your eyelids with a brush. It’ll create a shiny, sexier look that you’ll love to show off.

7. Red lipstick
Like your favorite scent, every girl needs a red lipstick that pretty much covers all the bases. It makes you look alluring and confident at important meetings and gatherings, adds glamor to a party look, and in general, makes you feel like a million dollars.
So, select your pick of cheery cherry, fire engine red, smoldering cinnamon, or happy candy apple. Pick a shade that suits your complexion best, and then, sit back and enjoy the envious stares that come your way.

8. Tea tree oil
Another all-around miracle oil, tea tree oil is well-known for more than just its delicious scent. If you’re more likely to break out, tea tree is your new bestie because it is antibacterial — it helps kill the nasty bugs which cause acne and pimples on the skin.
Dot onto a spot and watch it dry up in front of your eyes! If you’re not feeling too good, tea tree is great for coughs and colds too. Simply pour few drops on some tissue or handkerchief, inhale deeply, and feel your sinuses clear!

9. Wipes
You’re sweaty and grimy. You are too exhausted to even remove your makeup. You’ve spent hours on public transport, holding on to grubby rails. Facial wipes and hand wipes are lifesavers you simply have to keep handy. Sleeping with your makeup still on is a total no-no and the worst thing you can do to your skin (besides eating junk and smoking). And keeping wipes handy is the best way to ward off germs that can cause colds and infections. Enough said!

So, there you have it! These top beauty essentials will save you time, money, and energy while ensuring you still look as bomb as ever. Welcome to minimalist beauty land, girls. Enjoy the ride!



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