Unemployment has been a major issue facing many nations of the world which is Africa, especially Nigeria is one of it and most populous with about 60% increase rate annually. These comprise of students from institutions, graduating and sent off yearly into the labour market in search of jobs for which there are no jobs. 20% of this increase includes fresh secondary school graduates leaving school yearly either to proceed to the university or join the labour market in search of job for which chances are limited.

Government aids and programmes in tackling the menace of unemployment in the country has yield no tangible result or have done little as the result of inadequate system to support the ever increasing population of young graduates and job seekers. These challenge is a great concern for government at all levels, both local and international, as effort to bring these menace to a shutdown have proven abortive.

The major factor responsible for high rate of unemployment is the vulnerability in specialized manpower skill development among job seekers and also inadequate skill empowerment scheme to aid or facilitate in building capacity and employability.

A skill on the other hand is to have a personal or practiced knowledge of something, or be versed or practiced about something, be expert or dexterous. We can as well say it is the capacity to do something well; technique, ability, it is usually acquired or learnt as opposed to abilities which are often thought of as innate.

Most job providers i.e. companies and business organizations require some level of employability or skill from employees which will aid in either growing their business and building the company’s reputation. In recent times, the world economic body and government have discovered a new frontier and believed that these could be the solution to unemployment. They believe that the best approach to tackling unemployment is to encourage entrepreneurship, advising young graduates to become entrepreneurs which means they have to use their skills or learn a new skill to solve economic and societal problems thereby creating jobs and employment opportunities.
Government at all levels are beginning to work in the light of the above revolution to create skill empowerment programmes and aids (funds) to help entrepreneurs with small scale medium enterprises development. The private sectors are not left out as many organizations both local and foreign firms have provided aids and development sectors, health, food, craft, and art, etc in other to reduce the menace of unemployment in the country and the world at large.

It is important that graduates key into the revolution. The information era is the best era in time. With the emergent of Information Communication Technology (ICT) which has promising opportunities for unemployed individuals to utilize.
The 21st century youth don’t have to look for jobs as to become employed, you need information and information converted to skill empowers you to become self employed. Acquiring and learning a skill prepares you for profitability. Skill empowers you for opportunities. You don’t have to go to the universities to study or acquire skill as the internet provides unlimited access to information and opportunity in any field of your endeavor.

Some basic skills include Fashion designing, art and craft making, writing, drawing, painting, catering, confectionary just to mention a few. Some professional skills also include digital and social media marketing, digital video/audio production, photographic designing, website and app development, computer programming, etc.

The development and acquisition of skill are the only solution to unemployment in the country. Every year, young entrepreneurs are emerging in every sector, providing solutions, to diverse economic and societal problems, thereby making huge profits and living.

It is expedient that young people especially graduates should take advantage and acquire broke levels of skills that will bring about commercial value, instead of complaining that there are no jobs. Skill acquisition is the only proven formular for ending unemployment. Skills create opportunities, it empowers for more profits, it brings about relevance, it empowers to solve economic problems.

Acquire a skill today and reduce to number of unemployed mass in the country.



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