Empowerment refers to the process of enabling an individual who is mentally fit to perform an action which will help to add value to his/her life. In a broader sense, it implies the act of helping an able individual to participate in an activity, for a meaningful self project.

Therefore, youth empowerment in a similar context refers to the idea or process of aiding the youths to learn a skill, trade or engage in a profession, which could be in the form of economic, social or political gesture.

A critical survey of this issue, has revealed that youth empowerment is a path to the nation-building, because a society without active youths won’t definitely be progressive in their sectors of life. Every society needs to embrace youth empowerment despite the advancement in science and technology, because this issue has been found to be a solution to the societal problems we experience today. Therefore, this issue is not limited to a particular area or society.

Any society without youth empowerment is bound to suffer from all sorts of societal malaise, resulting from manner of immortal acts which the youths will engage in as a means of survival, thereby leading to the spread of ugly treads in that society.

The first effect of a society without a good youth empowerment scheme is increase in crime rate. This is a well-established reason, seeing the rate at which hoodlums and criminals are seen as the reigning champions in our societies. What would one expect from a society whose leaders of tomorrow are engaging in theft, armed robbery, kidnapping, assassination, drug trafficking and militancy, other than not being progressive society. This situation sometimes results to unstable government. Most youths due to frustration resort to violence in order to voice out their feelings. Most times, the leaders of such societies are killed in the process, creating a big vacuum in the smooth running of government. During elections the youth engage in political thuggery and carrying of ballot boxes, which lead to an unsafe environment for voting thereby making the society a place ruled by incapable hands. Moreover, a society flooded by idle youths will definitely suffer a decline in their labour force. The number of engineers, teachers, technicians, electricians, etc, will reduce since there is no one to take over from aging parents. This can be illustrated with a situation whereby the adults of a given society move out enmasse to their various offices and workshops, while the youths stay at home and plan all sorts of evil against them.

Due to the inexorable fate waiting for any society which fails to make youth empowerment one of its cherished priorities, the government can be done in so many ways, which includes educating the youths and helping to empower their sense of perception intellectual and manipulative abilities which in turn aids effective societal development. One of the advantages of this process is that, it is aimed at the laying of solid foundation for a sustainable poverty reduction.

Through the provision of basic skills acquisition centres, the youths can also be empowered, because after they are equipped with the necessary technical skills, it would aid them a lot to participate in harnessing and distribution of economic resources for a general societal benefit. This method would be a most beneficial refuge for the youths, thereby making employment a bygone issue in our respective areas. Youth empowerment can also be in the form of mere induction. Through this means, the awareness of the youth towards self employment could be raised. They will understand the need for a better restructured society, thereby becoming active leaders of tomorrow. They will be encouraged to venture into different sectors of the economy, from sport, communication, entertainment and business making them to develop a sense of diligence. In this manner, they will realize the importance of building a successful venture, other than looking for a successful venture to lean upon.

Youth Empowerment Skills Are Of Different Types And Kinds:

One of them is coping skills. Coping skills which enables an individual to adapt comfortably to his/her environment. These skills will help them to feature prominently in many business and agricultural programmes. They should also be helped and encouraged to acquire certain manipulative skills, which aid an individual to handle things properly with the aim of producing something new. Manipulative skills includes: Typing, Dress making, Fashion designing, pottery, catering, hair dressing, shoe making, welding and fabrication, etc. These skills will expose the youths to acquire real practical transformation, for the improvement of societal wellbeing. Another form of skills which the youths can acquire, are the intellectual skills. Intellectual skills develop an individual’s mental reasoning. It aids an individual to think in a logical way which can be applied in practical aspects. It includes Law, Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, Teaching, Banking and Finance, etc.

Communication Skills are a form of intellectual skill which includes: Web designing, Journalism, Software Programming, Hardware Programming, Computer Science, etc. These skills help a lot in the transfer of information from one medium to another and through them, social and economic project can only be meaningfully carried out.

Reduction in crime rate: Most youths as a result of frustration due to idleness resort to crimes. In a situation the youths are seriously engaged in their own jobs, there will be reduction in crime rate. Youth empowerment also helps in the realization and development of one’s potentials.

With the above listed benefits of youth empowerment, it makes it an incontestable fact that once youth empowerment is embraced fully, our society will be a heaven for peaceful co-existence coupled with a wealth of resources.



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