First of all, what is copywriting? Copywriting is basically salesmanship in print. It entails using written words to compel people to buy a product or service. Therefore, it stands to reason that a copywriter is a salesman in print.

As Dan Lok, a notable copywriter, defined it; copywriting is the art of using the written words to start, enhance or extend a relationship with a customer that includes salesmanship or saleswomanship in print. A copywriter already knows the strategic words that enhance sales.

There are so many branches of copywriting, some more widely recognized than others & they include:

1) Content Marketing: This is approved as one of the surest ways to get people to purchase your market easily. In content marketing, you are telling people their problems and bringing your product or service as a solution. You are telling your customers the features and benefits of your products and why yours is the best. It is also one of the biggest branches of copywriting because it entails adding value first. Nobody rejects value in the field of trade and there are thousands of online jobs for content marketers. There are lots of people looking for content marketers to help them use words to persuade their customers to buy their product.

2) Sales Letter Writing: Sales letters are a major branch of copywriting and they deal with direct sequential adverts. Sales letters basically create awareness. It also aids in the distribution of your products to prospects i.e intending customers. Sales is the blood of every business. People involved in the sales part of the business are always needed.

3) Email Marketing: This can be defined as writing of content to be sent to emails for a call to action. At a point in time, you would have definitely received an email trying to sell to you or probably telling you to buy from them. This is also the most popular form of salesmanship: most companies prefer sending their customers emails informing them about new sales & offers because emails are people-oriented.

4) Website Content Writing: Copywriters write the content you see on websites. This is one of the highest paying branches of copywriting. I have a friend who got a deal of $3000 writing website content for a cryptocurrency company; converted into Nigerian currency, that’s over a million naira for just a week. Any website you visit, their login and every section of the landing page was written by a copywriter.

5) Products’ Description: Login to Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, Konga, Jumia and 98% of e-commerce websites: they all need product descriptions because these companies know that the better & more reliable the description, the faster the urge to buy. So they all hire a copywriter to do that.

The advantages of copywriting include:

1) It Is Widely Misunderstood: There is a lot of money and misconception, surrounding the business of copy. Whatever people don’t understand yields lots of money. What people misunderstand, they pay for. For example, you don’t understand your health and that is the reason why you visit the hospital; you’ll also agree with me that because health is extremely complicated & widely misunderstood, Medicine and Surgery remains one of the most prestigious courses in Nigeria.

2) It Is An Ever Needed Skill: There are tens of thousands of online jobs for copywriters posted on the internet everyday. Because you have an important part to play in the sales section of a company or your brand, you will always be in demand.

3) It Is An High Income Skill: You can’t have a high income skill that pays over 300,000 naira a week and be bothered about lockdown.

4) It Allows For A Flexible Schedule: It is a perfect work-from-home skill (Corona-proof). On your bed, in your pyjamas or even while eating breakfast, you earn both in foreign currencies and naira because you work with your phone; and if you have a laptop, that’s a plus. You can choose the time to work and the time not to work.

5) No Academic Degree/Diploma Needed: You don’t need a fancy degree or technical support or maybe first class. No need at all. Infact, some of the best copywriters are people who just managed to scale through school.

6) No Capital Needed: Once you have a smart phone and data subscription, you are good to go. No need to run up and down borrowing funds or sourcing for loans; just your online presence on your smartphone/laptop is relevant.

7) It Brings About Major Life Improvement: Apart from your finances, every other area of your life will take a new order. Copywriting changes the mindset of copywriters. There is no longer time for petty gossips. A copywriter is always too busy for that and prefers to come up with fresh ideas instead in his/her free time.

What are the requirements for becoming a successful copywriter?

1) The zeal to learn
2) A mentor
3) A mobile phone/laptop & data

Copywriting is like kong fu or boxing. You need to be properly skilled before taking on clients. Else, no company would entrust important jobs into your hands.


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