The Church Fights Moral Decadence In Nigeria Than The Government


    It’s glaring in our Nigeria society that the government has failed in the aspect of combating moral decadence…the church has always been the pillar for fighting societal ills.

    The doctrines of the church admonishes fornication, incest,homosexuality and others. According to the book apostolic digest, St. Ignatius of Antioch said “listen my brethren, make no mistake about this, he who follows a foreign doctrine does not communicate with the passion and he who follows the preachers of schism shall not inherit the kingdom of God ” the preachings we receive in the church today is focused on giving us a better life in Christ…whereas the mother church is more concerned about our virtues…the govt and it’s officials are recruiting political thugs who will help them win a higher rank.

    The church has serves as a role model. Prov (14:28) says God is interested in the growth of the church and the piety of all members, thus, Christians are supposed to showcase all embodiments of godliness. The bible says we are salt of the earth and light of the world… Therefore, we should be examples to others. As typical Nigerians, we look up to the clergy to judge between the right and the wrong, and if the clergy is not living up to expectations, the members lag in moral behaviors. From the observations of Achebe,it is clear that the common man looks up to the ruling elite to learn and be directed to avoid corruption, but on the contrary, looking up some ruling elites in Nigeria maybe a negative influence.

    The Catholic church gives the sacrament of confession and penance to bring their members back to the fold. Most people are wallowing in immortality and gracious sins, yet the church is ready to welcome them back and put them in the better positions in the society. The catholic church also performs mass wedding. Most couples who have children out of wedlock now have opportunities to stay and co-exist in the right position in the society. Well the government and it’s officials is not interested in this aspect.

    The church encourages and teaches the need to work and have a source of livelihood. The bible says an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. To live by their words, through contributions and relentless efforts, the church has built firms like schools and hospitals to employ people and take them away from their vulnerable positions, while the government officials are busy looting the state’s fund and transferring to their foreign accounts.

    The role of the church in counseling their members. Most times when people are going astray, the meet their pastors to sort advice. The clergy is ever ready to counsel their members and re-direct them. Most people who are known for their moral mischief such as the likes of St Augustine of Hippo turned a new leaf through prayers and counseling. The only corrective measure the government knows is to imprison one with hard labour, little did the government know that when they get to the prison, they become worse of what they were before, because an adage says correct a child with the left hand and draw him closer with the right hand.

    The church has also fought moral decadence through arms giving and charity. Pope Benedict XVI said “Almsgiving according to the gospel is not a mere philanthropy, rather it’s a concrete expression of charity, a theological virtue that demands interior conversion to love of God and neighbor, in imitation of Jesus Christ, who dying on the cross gave his entire self for us. Most people who are societal nuisance do these evil things because no one has never exceeded a hand of charity to them or probably to make ends meet. The church took it upon themselves to help the needy and convert souls to Christ. The government and its officials can’t beat this.

    The church has made tremendous effort in building schools of formation, where students are shaped to be decent and better citizens. Obviously, there is a very big difference between graduates of Christian schools and government schools. The church organizes retreats where youths learn useful things to equip there spiritual lives and the need to shun evil.

    In most churches indecent dressing is not addressed with levity. Members are not allowed to enter the church premises with half covered dresses. Posters and being posted to notify one on time. On the other side of the page, the govt officials go to clubs and dance with half naked women and also have the nerves to post the pictures and videos on social networks. The government and its officials approve of a life TV show where youths exhibit a high level of immorality and they sit down on their cozy chairs enjoying the show and cheering them up. Daniel O’Connell said nothing is politically right when it’s morally wrong

    There’s no doubt the church has made tireless effort in making our society a stain free one. The church heads the way, and definitely the church is the last hope we have. If the church fails completely in their duties the society may crumble.

    Olachi Constance.



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