The world of today is basically associated with Social Media and Internet Surfing. About 60% of the world’s population are on Social Media. Communications were made easier that you can send numerous messages at a low cost. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc have been a base for connections, news updates, meeting new friends, hookups, information which can actually be helpful and the reason for the creation of Social Media. But the world we are in and users of Social Media have transformed it into a daily activity as they spend more time on social media than other things they are doing.

Coming to the aspect of students, it has made students lazy regarding to studies as time for study is dedicated to Social Media. Even 45% of the students cannot boast of writing letters and scoring 80% of the total marks as social media has made them weak in the sense that they could type in short form and still pass the information needed to pass out. This has contributed in the production of low level graduates.

Looking basically at the usefulness of social media, it is a very good thing that happened to the world as people can connect back to old friends and also meet new friends, etc. But the addiction of people to social media can make a person write a protest letter for its shutdown. Honestly speaking, if people can divide the time they spend on Social media into two and invest half of the time on their life and studies, the world will be a better place to live in.

Nevertheless, some make incomes from Social Media. If it pays you, then it is advisable to invest more on it. But if it doesn’t pay you, then you have to minimize its use and work on the one that will pay you.

In this article, I will talk more on the use of Social Media as a coin of double faces which is its advantages and disadvantages.


Social Media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly efficiently and in real-time. Many will see Social Media as just apps on their smart phones, but it is a standard communication tool.

Based on the definition, we understand that the advent of social media has been beneficial to man. It is an interactive internet based application.

Social Media facilitate the development of online social networks by connecting a user’s profile with those of other individuals or group. It has made public opinions easier as you can stay anywhere and post your feelings about any recent happening. Also, in group conversations, you can connect in a discussion with a group anywhere you are.


Social Media can be said to start with Telegraph in 1840s which connected to United States. It progressed to The PLATO System launched in 1960 which was developed at the University of Illinois, then ARPANET which first came online in 1967. Also, the Bulletin Board System (BBS) known as Community Memory in 1973. Geocites in November, 1994. Classmates in December, 1995 and Six Degrees in May, 1997. Six Degrees is considered to be the very first social networking site as it includes Profiles, friends list and school affiliations. Open Diary was launched in October, 1998. Live Journal in 1999. Ryze in 2001. Friendster in March, 2003. LinkedIn in May, 2003. hi5 in June, 2003. MySpace in August, 2003. Orkut in January, 2004. Facebook in February, 2004. Yahoo! 360 in March, 2005. Bebo in July, 2005. Twitter in July, 2006. Tumblr in 2007, Instagram in October, 2010. Google+ in 2011 and also the invention of new Social Media apps.


Content Writing, Blogging, Online promotion, advertisements, etc can generate income for an individual. Social Media made it possible for individuals to connect and meet people who can patronize them. If you spend more time on social media, try to make it serve among your source of incomes.

Let me bring it to a normal point of view. I have a friend who owns a Facebook group with over 1 million members. He made the Facebook group open for adverts but before your adverts can be approved, you will have to pay him the sum of Five Thousand Naira. This is a means of income. He utilized his time on social media to do something he can benefit from.

Social Media is helpful if you know how to utilize it. It serves as a means of connections with different individuals from different parts of the world. It is not a must that your work will be an online work before you benefit from it through Social Media. You can snap your crafts, hand works or what you actually do and advertise yourself with your social media handle. Someone might pick interest and call you for a contract.


Social Media is an open community of different individuals from different cultural perspectives, tribes, regions, countries, beliefs. People share contents they wish to share on their social media handle as some are rated 18+ which could be referred to as Pornography, matured mind contents which a kid can not stand to view. According to researches, the acceptable age for having a social media handle is 13 years. But the contents published on Social Media and its distractions, a kid of 13 years may not be able to handle it unless with Parental guidance. But the world we are in, age is not a factor to determine as underaged have social media handles.

Social Media is one of the factors that distracts students from studies. Most students, instead of using it as a means of information regarding to studies, they spend their time on it, chatting. Most chats may not even be necessary compared to their studies.

Social Media also implemented Internet fraud. Youths now find it difficult to work hard and get real money as the prefare to scam people online.


If only the users can know the importance of Social Media, reason for its invention and also not to spend much time on it, then things will be better. Social media is serving as a good source of communication in our present generation. It is said that “What has an advantage also has a disadvantage”. With the topic “Social Media: A coin of double faces”, I have been able to talk on some advantages and disadvantages of social media. The ball is on your court, choose the part to follow.

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