Coronation of laughter is an annual event hosted by a 22 year old comedian known as Mc Donwise, a student of Abia State University studying Computer Science.

MC Donwise is a modern day comedian who is not just funny but also an enterpreneur.

In eastern universities,some might say that eastern comedians are not the funniest,but you cannot deny that MC Donwise is one of the funniest and an absolute genius at promoting his shows and business.

On 7th May 2021, his first version of Coronation of laughter hits east, Abia State and Abia State University at large.

Coronation of laughter is more than just a comedy show, it is a huge event that brings together comedians, actors, rappers and musicians. This event shuts down everything else in the entertainment industry on the day it holds.

MC Donwise doesn’t follow the traditional format of stand up comedy.He employs skits featuring popular actors to have his audience laughing and borrow from current events in the Eastern region for punchlines. Brands fall over themselves to be part of the popularity of this show.

Mc Donwise is growing to become one of the biggest humor merchants in Nigeria through his boss, Mc Organic-The Archbishop of comedy in Nigeria, CEO Nick House Entertainment and also through Mc U2 Comedian, Weeping Pastor, Prince C and DSP Comedian.

Moving around with these great men must have exposed him to the creative and business site of the comedy game. MC Donwise claims he gets a lot of jokes from his grandma by name Mgbeahuru Martha.

There is a difference between a famous comedian and a comedian who is a brand and the latter can be used to describe MC Donwise.

Hardwork, Consistency and a drive of excellence has led MC Donwise to the top and with a desire to be more, he has sights on being a comedic millionaire.

For sponsorship, tickets and table reservations, contact +2347030392094


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