Examination Malpractices have remained a hindrance to the progress of Nigerian educational system, students find it more convenient to indulge in it than to believe in their ability to perform well without it. Examination malpractice is an illegal behaviour by a candidate before, during or after the examination so that he or she can attain success easily and cheaply. Hence, the worth of the examination is violated. Examination malpractice poses a great threat to the individuals who indulge in it and the society at large.


Laziness: This is found mostly in the higher institutions where students throw seriousness into the wind. They spend their time attending different social gatherings as well as going to places and parties, devoting, little or no time to their studies. It can also be seen in the secondary schools where some students rely on their intelligent friends for success in examination Hall. Such students feel reluctant to read as they know they will be delivered by their intelligent friends.

Being Desperate: Many students are desperate thinking that passing the examination is something they must achieve by all means. This can happen when the student in question is trying to see that the promise made by his or her parents when he or she get any enviable position in the class is fulfilled. Some may do so in order to impress their sponsors so as not to lose the favour they are getting from them (sponsors). Some even engage in malpractice in order to gain fame and popularity.

Inadequate Preparation: Another cause of examination malpractice is inadequate preparation for examinations. In some schools which are below average in terms or being standard, teachers are few and a teacher might even be asked to handle four subjects when he/she is only a specialist in one or two subjects. When this is the case, the students will have no other option than to settle for malpractice especially in external examinations.

Corrupt Invigilator and Lecturers: The students know that if they offer brine to the Invigilator, they will be allowed to cheat in the examination Hall. In higher institutions also, the students go as far as bribing their lecturers even after the examinations in order to increase their grades and the poor ones who spent sleepless nights reading will end up having low grades. When this happens once and twice, those who make honest effort will just join the queue of the sorters as they are called.

Corrupt Society: There is a general trend in our society towards cheating and this is encouraged by almost all members of the population. The evil effect of examination malpractice cannot be overemphasized. It has caused great harm on the social, religious and economic lives of Nigerians. Employees for instance are engaged in jobs they are not suited for since the certificate they claim to possess are not merited.

Educational Institutions Demand: In any institution of learning there are specific admission policies or requirements. From Secondary school to university level, prospective applicants are expected to possess some minimum qualification before being considered for admission. In an attempt to satisfy these requirements, students know that they must possess the relevant subjects for the course of study and in order to avoid failure, they resort to cheating during the examination.

Examination Malpractice as an Architect of Failure:

A story was once told of a Medical Doctor who graduated with the best grades but could not perform when he entered the field. Inquires were made and questions asked and it was discovered that from the beginning of his studies till he graduated, he was never found in the lecture hall. They depended on malpractice and when it comes to the practical aspect, he will “sort” it out with the lecturers involved. He thought he was being smart and realistic but it dawned in him like morning when he got to the field and realized that he had only succeeded in deceiving himself. His license was taken away from him and he became an O’level holder once again even when age was no longer on his side.

There have been similar stories of graduates with First class honours who could not defend their certificates and as a result ended up unemployed. Some have make the mistake of taking up a discipline they are not good at just because their parents or sponsors want them to and on the long run after cheating and sorting their way out, they will realize that they deceived themselves and nobody else. The youths in the country especially the graduates have been complaining about the leaders and blaming them because of their unemployment status but the truth is that some of them cannot brag of their respective certificate. No manager can ever employ someone who by certificate is a first class candidate but practically has nothing to offer. Although it is only in this country that those who have nothing to offer will occupy prominent position while those who have something to offer would be denied the opportunity, yet we cannot overlook the fact that examination malpractice and its effects have detoriated the confidence students have in themselves and as a result deny them many opportunities.


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